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The Eleaf's iStick series truly is the Volkswagon of the vaping world: Beautifully designed, affordable (like the old VW's) and durable as a beetle. Now you can get the iStick 40W TC with Temperature Control!

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Frekari upplýsingar

The Eleaf's iStick series truly is the Volkswagon of the vaping world: Beautifully designed, affordable (like the old VW's) and durable as a beetle. Now you can get the iStick 40W TC with Temperature Control!

  • Temperature Control: 100 - 315°C / 200 - 600°F.
  • Variable Wattage: 1 - 40W.
  • Optional Stealth mode with no lights.
  • 2600 mAh internal li-on battery

It seems impossible to be able to put so many features into a box of this size but Eleaf have once again excelled in making High End function available at a price that is no less than amazing.
But! - if you just want a "no hassle, 100% dependable e-cigarette for no-nonsense vaping then the 
iStick 40W TC is for you too!
Remember: Lots of cool new features does not mean that it can't be used for regular and civiliced quality vaping!

TC mode:

The new feature of the iStick 40W TC is Temperature Control (TC). This basically means that you can adjust your vaping by changing the temperature of your coil. Your iStick will deliver a fixed output of 40W and you then adjust the heat (instead of th Watt) between 100-315°C / 200-600°F.

Please note that TC vaping requires Nickel ni200 coils and that normal Kanthal coils can not be used, but with all the ready made ni200 coils available today, using nickel is no harder than using regular coils.
When you want to use the iStick in TC mode you have to lock your Ohms. You do this by pressing the Fire and Arrow Up buttons simultaneously, then your Ohm is locked and you are ready to vape with temperature control.


Variable Watt:

The iStick 40W TC is not just all about TC. You can certainly use it as a regular VW Mod. 
You can adjust the wattage from 1 - 40W in 0.1 increments. This means that you can get the excact watt setting for any given set-up. Once you have found the "golden setting" you can lock it by pressing both arrow keys. That way you'll never again change the settings by mistake. You unlock it the same way.
40W is a lot of power and will let you vape from 0.15 - 3.5 Ohm. This means that it is also the perfect e-cigarette if you prefer vaping at high Ohm.



Settings and Stealth-mode:

You easily switch between VW and TC mode by holding down the button between the arrow buttons.
You can even switch to Stealth-mode by pressing "Fire" and " Arrow up". This will stop the OLED screen from lighting up, thus allowing you to stay hidden if you fancy a vape during a llama smuggling operation across the Peruvian border.

Just like the iStick 30W and 50W the iStick 40W TC features a spring controlled 510 connector and a high quality 510 steel thread.

The battery is a massive 2600 mAh that will keep you vaping for a long time and you charge it via the micro USB port in the bottom.

iStick 40W TC: Good old fashioned quality vape or advanced puffing using temperature control? The choice is yours!



  • 2600 mAh internal li-on battery (charged via micro USB).
  • Variable Wattage from 1W - 40W.
  • Variable Wattage allows resistance from 0.15 - 3.5ohm. 
  • Temperature control: 100 - 315°C / 200 - 600°F.
  • Temperature control allows resistance from 0.05 - 1ohm.
  • Bright OLED screen.
  • Optional Stealth mode with no lights.
  • 5 click on / off function.
  • 510 spring loaded thread connection.
  • Temprature alarm function.
  • Temperature protection.
  • 10 second cut off protection.
  • Up / Down button with lock function.
  • Atomiser short circuit protection. The screen will show ''Atomizer short''.
  • Low voltage protection. When the battery gets below 3.3V the screen will show ''Lock'' meaning time to recharge.
  • Unlock the low voltage protection. The iStick begins working again when the battery reaches 3.65V.
  • Low power alert. If the battery has less than 10% power left the power symbol on the screen will flash.
  • Atomisers compatible with a resistance from 0.4 ohm - 4 ohm.
  • Pass-through vaping whilst charging.
  • Size - L: 22mm x W: 34.5mm x H: 77.45mm.


Purchase is for:

  • iStick 40W (TC)
  • 1 x USB charging cable.
  • 1 x eGo adapter.
  • 1 x user manual.
  • Delivered in a nice gift pack.

Purchase is for the iStick 40W TC, charging cable, eGo adapter and user manual only. Other items are shown as inspiration.

Available in different colours. Sold separately.

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